Environmental Justice for All: Tour ’06 brings together environmental justice, social justice, public health, human rights, and workers' rights groups from all over the country to host a national tour of communities directly impacted by industrial pollution to meaningfully link these communities together in a public call for safe solutions to unnecessary toxic contamination.

The Tour will promote:

  1. Precautionary policies rooted in safety, security and health;
  2. Awareness and redress of our cumulative exposure to toxic chemicals from multiple pollution sources at once;
  3. Policy campaigns and efforts in the market place to promote safer alternatives to unnecessary toxic chemicals and protect communities and workers; and
  4. Community tools to evaluate pollution levels and find safer alternatives.

The grassroots work of organizing the tour and bridging environmental health and justice voices will set the stage for the movement for public health and justice to move beyond just saying no to projects to build strength and cohesion to our efforts for meaningful reform and community vitality. This tour is designed to highlight available solutions to our health and environmental problems. We want a new way of protecting ourselves from unnecessary dangerous chemicals; we want clean businesses that do not force us to choose between the health of our communities and economic development, and new political leaders who will fight for environmental justice (EJ) for all!

Chemical policy reform campaigns and organizations or businesses focused on reducing the use of unnecessary toxic chemicals in the marketplace can participate in the tour to reach new constituencies and build strength through collaboration. Local communities fighting for reduced pollution and greater public health can join in to link with a national effort with media and publicity resources to share. Together we can promote our campaigns locally, regionally and nationally and drive solutions to chemical contamination and the epidemic of health effects on a faster timeline. With the tour leading up to Congressional elections in November, we have a real opportunity to promote political champions of the people and tell the laggards its time to go.