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Campaign for Healthier Solutions

December 1, 2016 - National Day of Action Calling on Dollar Tree to Address Toxic Chemicals in Its Products

Customers across the country are visiting Dollar Tree stores today to ask the company to adopt corporate policies to screen out hamrful chemicals in its products, a step already taken by other major retailers like Target and Walmart. Stores of Dollar Tree (and its subsidiary Family Dollar) are essential sources of household products and food in hundreds of communities. These families are asking for a public commitment from Dollar Tree to adopt policies to ensure safe and healthy products. Read our letter to Dollar Tree asking the company to meet with us to discuss solutions.

All families deserve safe and healthy products, and all communities deserve business partners that will prioritize the health of their customers.

Yudith NietoRates of diseases and health conditions linked to chemical exposures have risen sharply across the United States over the past several decades, especially for children. Many manufacturing and retail businesses have responded to growing scientific evidence that dozens of chemicals used in everyday consumer products are harmful to health and the environment, and to consumer demand for safer products, by committing to identify and replace harmful chemicals in the products they make and sell.

Although some discount retailers (commonly called "dollar stores") have taken specific actions to remove a few harmful products from their shelves or test some of their products, none of the major dollar store chains have yet adopted comprehensive chemical disclosure or management policies. It's time for that to change.

Over 100 diverse environmental justice, medical, public health, community, women's and other organizations have launched the Campaign Healthier Solutions to challenge discount retailers including Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, Dollar General, and 99 Cents Only to follow Walmart, Target, Staples, and other retailers by adopting corporate policies to identify and remove harmful chemicals from their stores.

On these pages, you can:

  • Take action to encourage dollar stores to phase out harmful chemicals;

  • Learn more about toxic chemicals in everyday products and how dollar stores can be part of the solution;

  • Find resources for your business and community;

  • Add your organization to the list of allies who endorse this campaign and

  • Share this campaign on your social networks!

  • Contribute to the campaign with a tax-deductible donation that will help us create the kind of exposure that will get dollar stores to protect all families and remove toxic chemicals from their products! 


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