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EJ Relevant News Releases

News Release, June 15, 2017

Dollar Tree Customers Confront Executives At Shareholder Meeting Asking For Nontoxic Products - But Receive No Answers

Chesapeake, VA – Today, Dollar Tree executives did not commit to meeting with a coalition of Dollar Tree stock owners and customers, nor did they answer their concerns about high levels of hazardous chemicals found in some of the discount retailer's products.  The Campaign for Healthier Solutions, a coalition of public health and community groups, attended the company's shareholder meeting to urge the discount chain to do more to reduce customer's exposure to toxic chemicals, especially in communities already overburdened by toxic chemical exposure, and to share what they are doing with the public. 

News Release, April 18, 2017

EPA Administrator Pruitt Delays Safety Measures, Puts Workers and Fence-line Communities in Further Danger of Chemical Disasters

[Washington, D.C.] – Recently, Scott Pruitt, Administrator of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), further delayed important safety improvements for thousands of hazardous chemical facilities which pose an immediate threat to millions of Americans. Pruitt’s decision to delay improvements to the Risk Management Plan (RMP) program, which have been under consideration for over three years, included numerous opportunities for industry input, and over 150,000 public comments, is contrary to public expectations across party lines. This delay further endangers first-responders, chemical facility workers, and the 134 million Americans who live fence-line to 12,500 chemical facilities managed under the RMP program.

News Release, April 18, 2017

Public Health Campaign Says Dollar General's Illegal Hazardous Waste Treatment is Another Example of Careless Corporate Behavior Endangering Communities

[San Diego, CA] – Yesterday, California district attorneys announced that a Kern County judge has ordered the Tennessee-based discount retailer Dollar General to pay $1.12 million in civil penalties for "routinely and systematically" violating the law by sending hazardous waste to local landfills.  Representatives of the Campaign for Healthier Solutions, which works to address the public health impacts of toxic chemicals found in some dollar store products.

News Release, February 27, 2017

25 EJ Groups Urge Congress: Don't Meddle with Chemical Plant Safety Improvements

[Washington, D.C.] – Last week, the Environmental Justice Health Alliance (EJHA) sent a letter to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, and other Congressional leaders urging them to block efforts to overturn improvements to the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Risk Management Plan (RMP). The letter was signed by executives from 25 groups which focus on environmental justice issues, and included many organizations who work with or represent community members living in the disaster-zone of catastrophic explosions or dangerous chemical releases from facilities covered by EPA’s RMP.

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