Brief Description of the Routes

Simultaneous bus routes in the Northeast, South, and West Coast will kick off on September 24th. Activists and organizers with experience in air quality monitoring, health effects and pollution, as well as photographers and videographers, will travel from city to city for high-profile local events. Direct media feeds from these events will be uploaded to our tour website on a daily basis. Communities not on the tour route are encouraged to hold solidarity events during the week of travel and plug into our media resources, publicity, and website:

The Tour is held in Fall ‘06 to offer focus on upcoming political elections. Local events can highlight those who fight for environmental justice, and call out those who support policies favoring corporate profits over public health.

Northeast and Southern route buses will meet in Washington, DC on October 1st, while the West Coast route bus will end in Los Angeles. October 1st is “Environmental Justice Sunday,” a day to signify our unity and remember those who have lost their lives to pollution and the survivors who continue the fight! Monday, October 2nd is “EJ Lobby Day” we will flood Capitol Hill and home districts with calls for environmental justice and health protections for all communities.