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Action Against 99 Cents Only Stores: February 11, 2020

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  • NEW REPORT finds toxic chemicals in #dollarstores linked to birth defects, cancer, asthma, learning disabilities, fertility issues, obesity and diabetes. There’s a better way >

  • DidYouKnow: Many Dollar stores are located in communities of color and low-income communities where they are the ONLY place to buy household essentials and even food. Stuck with one store – and look at what toxic products they’re selling >

  • Target’s doing it. Walmart’s doing it. Dollar stores can do it, too. Don’t they know – selling products free from toxic chemicals is not just the right thing to do, it’s better for business, too?

  • ASK DOLLAR STORES TO MOVE TO SAFER CHEMICALS: Please take just a moment to send a message to the CEOs of the three largest dollar store chains asking them to adopt policies to identify, disclose, and replace hazardous chemicals in the products they sell. Petition through SALSA:

  • Sign the Petition and tell dollar stores to phase out toxic chemicals found in your products and stop exposing your customers, their children, and your employees to unnecessary risks.

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