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Teleconference/November 8, 2007 12:30 PM EST

Is It In Us - Teleconference Advisory (doc)

News Release

Is It In Us - Media Release (doc)


Is It In Us?

A brief introduction to the growing concern over low dose exposure to toxic chemicals and the pressing need to protect human health with safer alternatives.

project highlights (doc)

Media Coverage

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The Southern: Group releases results of chemical tests on 5

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New Haven state Sen. Toni Harp results featured

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Lansing Channel 6: Are Dangerous Chemicals in Your Body?

Albany Times Union: The Danger Within Us?

Hartford Courant: Be Afraid of What You're Made Of

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Detroit Free Press: Participants refuse to be “guinea pigs in a massive, uncontrolled experiment”

CNN's Anderson Cooper: Tests Reveal High Chemical Levels in Kids