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Campaign for Healthier Solutions

About Us

The Campaign for Healthier Solutions (CHS) is a project by the Environmental Justice Health Alliance for Chemical Policy Reform (EJHA) and Coming Clean, launched in February 2015. Its ongoing efforts to push for safer, non-toxic products in dollar stores have been covered by The GuardianNational Geographic, Salon Magazine/Grist, Bloomberg Law, The San Diego Tribune and more.


The Campaign for Healthier Solutions aims to work with the four largest Dollar Store Chains - Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, and 99 Cents Only - which collectively operate more stores than any other major retailer in the U.S. As part of their business model, these stores target rural towns and urban neighborhoods, where there is frequently a lack of access to fresh and healthy produce. These dollar stores are often the only place to purchase essential household goods, including food.

CHS is urging these discount retailers to protect their customers and the communities in which they operate, and grow their businesses, by implementing corporate policies to identify and phase out harmful chemicals in the products they sell, and by stocking healthy, locally-grown foods.



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The Campaign for Healthier Solutions is coordinated by:

José Bravo
National Coordinator
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