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April 18, 2019News: 99 Cents Only stores carry products with toxic chemicals, protesters say

Environmental activists are calling on the 99 Cent Only store chain to clear their shelves of products with toxic chemicals.

"Four years ago we walked 150,000 petition signatures in there from their customers who wanted toxics out of products and they haven't listened," said Jose Bravo, with the Campaign for Healthier Solutions.
The group told Eyewitness News they conducted testing on some of the chain's products and found chemicals linked to cancer and the disruption of hormone levels.

Wynnie Young, a research assistant with the Center for Environmental Health said researchers found "concerning levels of glyphosate, pesticide that is commonly known as Roundup."

According to Young, glyphosate was found in some cereals, and other toxic chemicals were discovered in microwave popcorn and plastic Easter baskets.

The group admits these products are sold at other stores as well but says other retailers give shoppers more toxic-free products to choose from.

Experts say consumers need to be aware of what they're buying. They suggest shoppers find out where products are manufactured and read ingredient lists.

But protesters say retailers must share the responsibility of keeping people safe. The group delivered a second set of petitions today containing 156,000 signatures, directly to the president of the discount chain, leaving with a promise of a meeting in the near future.

The protesters want the 99 Cent Only chain to develop a chemical management policy that will identify toxic products and take them off store shelves.

Eyewitness News reached out to 99 Cent Only executives, who have yet to respond.